I've talked a bit on my blog about how you ( my client ) should prepare for a session, but I thought it would be a fun idea to share a BTS of how I prepare as the photographer.

The first thing I do a few days before a session, is look back at your intake questionnaire. This is a great way for me to refresh on who will be joining me and everyone's names. There's nothing worse than forgetting one of my client's names when I'm trying to pose them during the session!

Once I've refreshed myself on everyone's names, and your hopes for your session I'll go ahead and make myself a little "mood board" on pinterest. This consists of poses, different edits, and locations. I'm a very visual person, so seeing how I want things to turn out before I start shooting gives me a great direction to start in.

My sessions are all about my client's, their wants and needs. I want you to leave your session smiling from ear to ear and feeling like we really accomplished what you were envisioning in your head. So if you give me ideas in your questionnaire, you best believe I'm doing everything I can behind the scenes to make sure that vision comes to life.

The Day Of...

The day of your session I usually show up to the location an hour early (I'm part of the "if you're on time you're late" club, lol). I work on getting my camera settings right, I adjust my white balance, exposure, shutter speed and f stop (all of that is probably mumbo jumbo to you) but It's all the things that work in harmony with one another to make sure the images I capture are flawless. Once I'm confident that my camera is all good to go, I usually sit there and question if every vehicle that's pulling in is my clients. I'll also start making a few instagram reels, forget I started them and let them sit in my drafts for months and months, trust me... I'm probably not the only photographer who does this lol.

So, there you have it. That's a little look at how I prepare for a session. It's not as intensive as some might think, and definitely not as exciting as you would think either. I approach all my sessions with a chill, laid back attitude and my prep definitely follows that.