Let's dive in...

We've all been there when looking to get updated family photos. We see mini sessions be hosted by photographers in our area and gravitate toward them because let's be honest the price is right. Maybe you've been following your favorite local photographer for quite some time but you just can't swing their session prices, or maybe you just enjoy themed sessions. On this blog post were going to give in deep and go through all the pro's and con's of full vs mini session so you can feel more informed when making the decision for your next session.

Mini Sessions - What Are They?

Mini sessions are usually hosted by photographers a few times a year and almost always have a theme. Most photographers will release mini sessions for holidays (Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day etc.). Some will even have special themed sessions based around floral blooms that happen only once a year. They are quick and to the point, most of the time they will be under $200.00 and you'll get 3-5 images. Session times vary between 10-20 minutes and are scheduled back to back. As a photographer, I love my mini sessions because it's go, go, go and I always have so much fun with the families I photograph.

Full Sessions - How Are They Different?

Full sessions are amazing because as photographers we can completely tailor them to our clients. From location, to providing a client wardrobe, and accommodating any special requests our clients may have... the session is all about you, and you only. You also receive more images from these sessions, which can really help if it's too difficult to choose ;).They are more expensive, but the reason's I just mentioned above are why that's the case. Mini sessions can be fun, especially for capturing your growing kids through the years and at each holiday, but some times it's nice to take that little bit of extra time and really get the most out of your session with your photographer. Personally, when I'm looking into getting updated photo's done, I'll always opt in for a full session.

So, now that we've gone over how each one is different, let's dive into the pro's and con's shall we?

Mini Session Pro's

  • Cute Themes
  • More Affordable
  • Quick Session Time

Mini Session Con's

  • You're stuck with the theme the photographer chooses
  • Less wiggle room if you're late and have an uncooperative child due to being scheduled back to back
  • Only up to 5 images are included

Full Session Pro's

  • Completely tailored to you
  • More Time
  • You are provided with more images
  • You have access to a client closet, so it takes the stress out of what to wear
  • The photographer has the ability to focus on the most important things to you and work with you to get the images you truly want

Full Session Con's

  • Larger Investment

See the difference now?

Now that we've talked about both types and the pro's and con's, you can feel more informed when choosing which type of session to go for. They both have their place, but in my personal opinion the full sessions are always worth the investment.

See you next week,

Taylor ☼