Get lost in the beauty....

The Sunflower Festival at Ocean View Estates in Saanichton British Columbia is one of the most spectacular sights to see during the wind down of summer.

Imagine yourself enjoying the warmth and glow of the summer sun, while walking through a maze of over 20 varieties of Sunflowers. Getting lost amongst their beauty. Sounds like a fairytale right? But this isn't a fairytale. From the moment you step into the Sunflower maze you're transported to a different world and a feeling of pure magic comes over you.

This is probably one of my most favorite seasonal activities to do here on Southern Vancouver Island. The festival runs from mid August to September and you really can't miss it!

Not only is it such a beautiful sight to see all of these amazing sunflowers in all their fiery glory, its also the perfect opportunity to get some professional photos taken.

I'll have their website linked below. From there you can check out their FAQ'S and buy your tickets! Tickets will be available starting August 4th 2023.

Why should I get professional photos done during the Sunflower Festival?

Not only does it provide a stunning backdrop, it's also the perfect place to capture families having fun and just being themselves. There is a certain playfulness that comes with being engulfed by a maze of flowers, and capturing that is something you and your family will cherish forever. I can promise you, if you choose to get photos done at the Saanichton Sunflower Festival this year, you wont regret it!