The things I as a photographer, wish my clients knew...

Summer is in full swing here on Vancouver Island, and with that comes all the summer photography sessions. With it being one of the bussiest times of the year for me I thought it would be great time to dive into this topic!

I've read so many blog posts from other photographers on this topic and I feel so happy I'm not alone. There's things us as photographers wish we could engrave into our clients brains...


I know you want everything to go smoothly, and perfect. You want your Pinterest board that you've spent weeks creating leading up to your session to come to life. While I do everything in my power to get the shots my client's want, sometimes... the best shots come from the unplanned and un-posed moments. When you're relaxed, your session will go amazingly. You shouldn't be worried about anything except having fun with your loved ones in front of the camera. Leave all the worrying about if your dress is hanging just right, if your hair is stuck in your lip gloss, and if you're at a flattering angle to me.


Mama, I'm not here to judge you or your kiddos. I'm a mom myself and know how unpredictable kids will be. 90% of the time, your kids would rather be somewhere else having fun or doing something they love. Standing still and posing for photos for an hour is not in their "Top 5 favorite things to do". I love capturing children, because of their care free nature and playfulness. Some of my favorite images I've ever captured are of kids just running around, acting silly and being themselves. So please, let those kids play! I promise we will get the perfect family photo.


I want my client's to wear what makes them feel beautiful, but I also want you to be able to look at these images 10,20,50 years down the road and not say "omg WHAT was I wearing!!". Wearing neutral, and earth tone colors will make sure your images stay timeless. It will also provide a more cohesive look in your photos.


I know as client's, your job isn't to know exactly what goes into your galleries. I wish there was a magic button I could press and all your images would be perfect straight out of camera, and I could send your gallery to you within a day of your session. Truth is, each gallery takes me between 6-24 hours to edit. Sometimes images are amazing and I have to do minimal editing, sometimes I have to do everything from adjusting the white balance so your skin doesn't look green, to grading colors individually and removing the smallest pieces of hair from in front of your eyes or stuck to your lip. Photography is an art, and a lot of people don't see what goes on after the session. Trust me, I'm always so excited about your images and I want to get them to you as quickly as I can.


Unfortunately, I do get those messages from prospective client's saying "Your prices are too high, do you offer discounts?". I feel like I am competitively priced, and a lot lower than some of my peers in this field. I wish I could make photography an affordable service for everyone. And while I do offer discounted sessions throughout the year, that is just not feasible for me to run my business and offer my services. When decided my prices for my packages, the following things are included: How much time I spend actually shooting your session, How much time I spend doing administrative work (writing up your contract, creating your invoice and your questionnaire), How much time I spend editing your images after our session is done, and of course overhead expenses like my software, website, equipment. As a business owner, I have to be able to pay myself a fare wage or else I wouldn't be able to capture the amazing moments and amazing families I do.


I don't think my client's realize how much they truly mean to me. I strive to build a connection with all of my clients, I want to get to know you and your families. When you come back and ask me to capture more moments for you, my heart just sings! Building a relationship with all of the people I get to work with is one of the best perks of the job. You guys are the main reason I'm doing what I'm doing and I'm so thankful for every single one of you.

So, there you have it, there are some of the things your photographer wished you knew before, and even after your sessions. I hope you enjoyed this weeks post!

See you next week,

☼ Taylor